Why does a candidate reject a job offer?

After waiting for a considerable amount of time in finding the right talent, the day comes when you are either waiting for the candidate to join your company or probably waiting for him to accept your offer. But suddenly a mail pops up that states that he/she has declined your offer. But why?

A candidate rejects your offer for the following reasons:

  • Compensation: It quite so often happens that the candidate is not happy with the offered compensation and yet is not vocal about it. This is the mindset of most of the candidates which is quite evident from the number of companies they apply for. They choose the best offer from the lot. As a recruiter, always ensure that you grill the candidate to the extent that you understand and are aware about his salary expectations.
  • Not happy with your work culture: This is another aspect from the candidate’s point of view. If your company doesn’t maintain a decent work life balance and the candidate somehow senses this, then he is bound to reject the offer. People these days love managing the time in the most efficient way so that they can do justice to all the corners of their life – Self, Work, Family & Friends.
  • Got a counter offer: Most of the candidate waits for an offer letter so that it becomes a weapon for them to get better offers either from their existing company or any prospective company. It is very important for a recruiter to gauze his intentions on salary beforehand by probing more.
  • Not happy with the manager who interviewed him: There is a lot of observation that goes into at the time of interview by the candidate. One observation is his reporting manager or senior management with whom he/she will have to interact on a regular basis. If he senses some trouble he is sure to back out.
  • Not happy with the recruitment process: The recruitment process in many companies is very long and involves many levels of interview for weeks together.  Not giving proper feedback to the candidate at each level of interview might result in him losing interest in the role. Also, the inefficieny of the HR team might leave a bad impact on the candidate.
  • Negative Reviews : It has become a common practice to check for the reviews of the company before joining it. Too many negative reviews on platforms like glass door etc. might result in an offer rejection.
  • Job Profile & career Graph: After the interview the candidate gets a fair idea of his roles and responsibilities. If the candidate is not happy with the job responsibilities  and his career graph ahead , there is every possibility that he might opt out of the job offer

The best way to avoid all these situations is to maintain a healthy relationship with the candidate so that he is transparent enough to share his expectations.