Did this ever happened to you, that you had posted a job openingĀ  in a portal hoping to see relevant resumes and all you see junk cvs? Eventually ending up in wasting a lot of time in only sorting cvs?

Sorting CV’s from junkyard is the most irritable job and you also have the perils of losing a prospective employee if the sorting is not done properly.

How can you save time in the process of recruitment? Here are some tips for the Employers/Recruiters which might save them some time in sorting.

  • A detailed job description about what will be the role of the prospective employee
  • Clearly mentioning the mandatory requirements , you can be very specific on this and can also ask people not to apply if they do not fit it these
  • Specify the work timings very clearly, even if the candidate is required to stretch or if there are any rotational shifts.
  • The level of communication that you are expecting. You can even ask for an audio link to understand their communication.
  • Ask the candidate to clearly furnish the details about their total & relevant experience, Current & Expected salary , Reasons for leaving the previous company, Notice Period, Education (If you are particular). No Details in the mail body & the cv will not be considered.

After Shortlisting a candidate for the interview, make it a point that

  • You send a mail to the candidate with the Job description with detailed KRA
  • Brief about your company and its vision
  • Work Timings ( Shifts if any)
  • Documents if needed for Checking the credentials

Following these steps will help you in saving a lot of time in the process of recruitment. Good Luck!!!

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